New World Order .. Awful Facts.. Part V

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Illuminati ..

The Philosophy .. Part I

Illuminati founders realized that their secret weapon is knowledge, So they named the movement “Illuminati”, which means  “owners of the light” which refers to knowledge, and they were right that to control the world you need a tremendous amount of knowledge as well as “Capital.”

Adam Weishaupt founded Illuminati on May 1, 1776, Adam was a member of The Society of Jesus (Society of Jesus  practices missionary activity around the world  and characterizes by administrative hierarchy and rigor), also Adam was the first secular professor of canon law at the University of Ingolstadt. What mentioned above means that Adam was expert in Christian religion and has an extensive relationships with Christian missionaries around the world and centers of influence of Christian thought.

On the other hand, Adam has had close ties with the Freemasons.

As a result, Adam benefited from all of the “Society of Jesus” and “Freemasonry” in building an administrative structure similar to those of mentioned movements, also illuminati had similar hierarchical structure , also many masonic members were invited to the new movement.

Adam put the principles of Illuminati  in line with two factors: first was  the wishes of the intellectuals(personal freedom) and the second was  emerging capitalists’ ambitions, which aspires to the cancellation of all the obstacles that prevent them from full exhausting of the earth’s resources and take over the world, which is short:

  • weakening and then canceling the state power.
  • weakening of its traditional rival, which is religion (the Catholic Church at that time) through coax humans and that of cross- by fighting superstition and hypocrisy, where transferred religion is full of these weaknesses.
  • promote and support individual freedom because it is capable of weakening the state power.
  • the liberation of women, although it is a catchy slogan but it aims to invest untapped human resources.

To be realistic what Illuminati presented is a natural direction for the development of capitalism, with a gradual transition of  wealth from states , governments and the church to the capitalists class, it is natural that this transition will get weak in the state power, and the power of religion as well, and it is natural to increase individual freedom with the encouragement of the capitalist class as that dealing with individuals is much easier than dealing with the states and governments, what illuminati provided is the ability to explore and predict the future, and trying to take advantage of the change and invest it in their favor and influencing it.

Many intellectuals and university professors where joined to backed-capital Illuminati, where Adam  benefited of the overall thoughts of intellectuals in Europe, who began to feel uncomfortable with the expansion of state power at the expense of personal freedom, as well as their sense of being marginalized and their desire to have a greater role in this world, the number of members of Illuminati reaches up to 2000 members, who are of the elite within ten years..

But all of the mentioned Illuminati’s ideas are not enough, there is an essential factor contributed to the success , continuity and renewal in spite of setbacks and failures..To be continued..



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