New World Order… Awful Facts… Part VI












Illuminati …

Philosophy … Part II

Illuminati would not have had success, without important features, which made Illuminati to be dynamicity, characterized by maneuverability, ability to regenerate and withstand blows by princes and rulers of Europe.

There important features are:

  • Endless Incubation period:

All parties and movements take an incubation period during  establishing for a certain period, which may be up to several years or even decades, during this period , the principles and concepts of the movement is incomplete and subject to change.

During this period, it forbidden to spread or declare the ideas of the movement and sometimes it forbidden even just written.

At the end of the reviewing process of the principles and concepts, they announced, and the movement is moving to the deployment of these concepts and practical applications, during that, these concepts written and declared.

After reaching the movement’s peak period of strength and spread, movement begins to enter into a phase of confrontation with the variables surrounding and inability to interpret everything that surrounds them of events and changes or making explanation.

After that, movement’s effectiveness and ability begin to decrease, which forcing these movements to try to re-interpret the texts (Modulating and patching) in order to harmonize with the changes.

At the end, movement reach the stage of full disability and decay.

In fact, illuminati does not go through these phases, its principles in contentious adjustment, adapting and changing (of course, principles that relate to capital and control are exempt).

There are not an official documents declare the principles of Illuminati. There are a set of documents with unknown references and authors, it is not only because of secrecy, in fact, there are no principles, and instead there are a set of staged principles interim needs and objectives for the next phase, so it is necessary to keep these documents confidential because simply, they are not the principles of the Illuminati.

  • Deception…Illusion of Full Power and Control :

Dear reader, if you browse online content about Illuminati, you will find a tremendous amount of aphorisms and quotes and ideas about it.

When you read this content, you will believe that Illuminati will know what will be the world for a thousand coming years.

Do not be afraid, most of this content is false and distorted and this content created after or before the event, it intended to show you how much the power of Illuminati and making you feel frustrated and given up, this is the second weapon, illusion of full power and control illusion.

They do not use this method in online content only, they use it everywhere in their meetings and conversations and actions.

Dear reader, do not underestimate the strength of this tactic, this tactic still have a great influence in attracting followers and terrorizing enemies.

To be continued.



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